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I think a girdle marketer could make some great money.

This made me laugh!
Too funny! And a sweet story of reflection as well. I enjoyed the read!
Methinks you are a repressed comedian!
I'm glad your sense of humor has surmounted every problem in your life. You have a gift!
Toothpick tester. I heard that's a great trade to learn. Fun piece!
This is fantastic! Can you give me the number of the college? I'd love to be a sloth race ref!😉 I think the beginning was fantastic. My friends and I used to do just that. Once I had to take a make-up test in the library and finished too quickly. I didn't want to go back to English class, so wrote my friend a letter. Unfortunately, some how it got mixed in with my test. The next day I received it, covered with red ink and a note to make corrections before the next class. (Of course I made comments about how boring and mean the teacher was) So I can relate to the wonderful MC and her friend. I thought laughing so hard she almost got detention was a great comment that made it feel real. I also loved the thought that went into class mottos, songs, and even an insect that looks like bird poop! How brilliant is that. Thanks for the wonderful giggles and the jog down memory lane.
You crack me up. Because we all want "limited fulfillment, financial instability, and freak show status." :-)

Love the humor in this.