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Great writing!
Excellent writing! It rmeinds me at the end of Jesus' words that the stones will cry out in parise to God if people are silent!
wow, what an imaginative way to tell this story! And what an awesome lesson we can glean from this. Fantastic.
Love the originality, the message and the writing.
Yes! Even the stone that killed Goliath had purpose! How much more, then, do we who are created in Christ's image have a destiny to be fulfilled? Fantastic, clever writing.
I loved this one! Creative, intertaining - great message. An all-in-one entry! Love, love, loved it!
Very-well written. Great job!
Wow! I hadn't realized how short this was before, because you packed so much good story into it. I loved it before and I still love it. Great job you! I hope you place well with this one. :)
Hmm ... a story of fulfilment by a stone, eh? That's creative! It reads well - kept me going to the end without losing interest. Well done.
One small stone; one great achievement. I am impressed by yor style.
Wonderful perspective and great application to all of us wee rocks.
This sounds so familiar...but still, it is wonderful!Great lesson.
Wow... What hasn't been said.. Good job Kiddo.. :)
I love it! Extremely creative, and with an awesome message.
Amy, great job here! What creativity! Great message and approach!
I echo all the comments ahead of mine! Excellent writing, very creative approach to a familiar story. Fabulous!
Great story and slant for the topic!! Had no idea where this was going at told it artfully. :-)
Lovely! I really like the message and your presentation was beautiful.
David and Goliath! Their story is well told here through the voice of the instrument of God's work.
Hmmmm. . . we have the purpose-driven dog in Advanced and now the purpose-driven stone in Masters. I'd say their purpose has been fulfilled. Master-ful job, you've landed nicely in your category, I'd say!
A solid entry that really rocks! (Sorry couldn't help myself! Haha!) Seriously though,..loved the creative take on 'fulfillment'!
Amy, you had my attention captured from the start. Brilliant creative perspective. Wow!