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You made the story very real. Well done!
Oh, beautiful:tears in my eyes as I write. A really unusual way of telling this story, and I loved that it stopped when it did. Now I've read it I can't imagine it happening any other way...
A powerful retelling, you brought the story close and made it personal. I loved the descriptive detail.
The story of Isaac is about my favorite in the Bible. God will provide a Lamb to be offerred up in my place... This piece captured a lot of emotion and made it very real. Very good! Two little picks in my mind. The first is that the relationship seemed very casual. Since it was an actual retelling, not made contemporary or anything, I struggled with that. The second nit pick ... you used the following line: "Do boys ever outgrow that fascination?" A logical question. But the speaker was a boy who'd obviously outgrown the fascination so the answer is obviously "yes". When I read it my immediate thought was that the author is female ... a better question to capture a male's perspective might have been "When did I lose that fascination?" So, two minor things in an otherwise brilliant story. Thanks!
Very good. You kept me guessing about the identity of the father and son. I did think it might be Jesus and Joseph going to Jerusalem, but then you started to talk about sacrifice. I like the "keep them guessing" thing.
God will provide. Can't say more then that. Excellent writing!
This story has always brought tears to my eyes, and your re-telling of it did too.

The way that Isaac took his father's hand, and thus reflected his increasing maturity, was touching.

Well done.
A wonderful look into the hearts of Abraham and Isaac. You made this familiar story come alive in a new way. Very good!
The sentence that really grabbed me: "Before my eyes, my boy became a man." A real "lump in the throat" moment for me. Beautiful writing here.
I liked the subtle alluding - ' animal movement in the brush.' Brilliant!

This is one of my favorites too and I love to imagine this scenario in different ways. I hadn't thought of this one - good insight!


Brilliant writing! I love biblical fiction and retelling and this one was no exception. You've captured some of the emotion that Isaac must have felt on that day. I can't even imagine! shudder. Excellent, masterful work.