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This was a fascinating read. Such depth of emotion, wrapped in very precise, well-chosen words. Great job!
Excellent! I love the message and the presentation. The pure, true love of Christ sets us free. The controlling facade an abuser calls love is anything but--let them love less, indeed. Beautiful work.
Great poem, mre from each reading. My only niggle is that the allusion to the Portugese Sonnet at the beginning distracted me all the way through the first reading, becasue I couln't undrstand it. Of coure, when I got to the foornote, it all made sense. (Of course, it's very ignorant of me not to have picked up the allusion! Tell me I'm not the only one LOL)
Very well done. I needed the footnote so I'm glad it was there. I love the structure and it was a powerful writing!
Very strong, very nice. I really liked this!
Very clever! Well done - great writing.
Maxx said it best - very strong, well done.
Creative and well done!