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Absolutely beautiful! Very touching and sentamental..."you left flowers in my heart". Loved it!
What a bittersweet poem. Beautiful.
Aww, what a sweet poem. He left flowers in her heart and so much more. Beautiful.
Oh no! It had a sad ending! Beautiful poem, but a sad ending! (What I'm trying to say is you made me care, which is excellent. And did I mention that it is beautiful?)
This is very pretty and romantic. I like the overall flow, but I find ellipses ... distracting in poetry. Great job.
As ever, you are truly a master. I'm always in awe of everything you write. Just wonderful, and so tender.
From flowers on a desk to flowers in her heart. Beautifully tender and lovely. Once again, so precious.
Beautifully done. You expressed her feelings very well.
Very nice on love unrecognized and unappreciated... until too late. Touching!
Wow ... don't we all have a few loves in the past that we wonder about. You captured that emotion very well. Another strong entry. Great!
Very sweet!
Author's note: I know the ending left the reader hanging a bit. I intended it to for the dramatic effect. However, dear reader, do you think it's possible that these two found each other again? Must it be a 'sad' ending? Just a thought :)!
Generally, a well formed poem.
Oh my goodness Linda! I just read this and was awestruck. This is incredible. I've been that person thinking those exact thoughts, yet you articulated them much better. Amazing. What an incredible about of talent you have!
Linda, I'm so glad that you've joined the FW 500! I'm going to feature this wonderful poem on the Front Page Showcase for the week of February 12. Look for it on the home page.
Thank you, Jan, and to everyone else who is so gracious as to leave a comment on this poem. It is an honor to have "You left flowers..." showcased on the Faithwriters Home page. Faithwriters is a special blessing in my life. This guild has helped me to improve my skills as a writer and, very importantly for this procrastinating poet, to actually build a marketable portfolio of work. Faithwriters has my gratitude and my prayers for continued success in encouraging and equipping writers.

Just a couple more author comments concerning this free verse poem: The stumbling awkwardness in the first part of the poem is intentional in order to capture the feel of the awkward moments it describes in the speaker's life. The following smoother lines, some actually rhyming, are also intentional in order to capture the bittersweet sense of nostalgia the speaker feels when looking back on the earlier events in her or his life.

I hope each reader can smile and enjoy this little slice of poetic nostalgia.
I really enjoyed this. You accomplished your goals in writing it. I, always looking for a happy ending, felt it was hinted at. Great job!
Have I ever been there,
done that!

You captured the essence of youth in this poem. Loved the awkward moments you portrayed! Great job.
Wow. I've never been into poems, but after just reading the first few lines, I wanted to read more! That's great! You captured the feelings and emotions so perfectly that I almost felt like I was reading a very, very short story rather than a poem. Great job!! You've opened my eyes to the beauty of poems. Thanks!