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Wow. This is a really great entry! Well written, entertaining, and good point. I loved the "it would't be very politically correct" line, hehe.
This is BEAUTIFUL! I love Will. What a wonderful message, we grow to love those we serve. Will is a hero, a hero of the best kind.
This is great, with a narrative style that just flows--it's difficult to make narratives engaging, but you're a true storyteller--I wanted to pull up a chair and hear more about Willie. Woo hoo!
I love the title. Will is an example to us all. Well done!
This one has such a valuable lesson. Will has instructed us well in being more like Jesus and finding the joy in helping and loving others. A wonderful reminder that life certainly isn't about ourselves. Good job!
Anita, Very moving. I loved it.
I have got to learn how to whistle! Then I will be able to deal with the unpleasant tasks that I have to do!
Very good story with a nice flow and good message.
Love it! I feel like I was personally introduced to Will, then came to know and love him.
This was great. Sometimes serving God is like that, isn't it. We do have to whistle while we work. Loved it.
Your narrator's voice is so sweet spirited it made Will come alive. You made me laugh when you said the residents 'paint their room brown.' Ah memories of Jon as a baby...I'll have to try whistling as I continue potty training Matty and Jacob. Lots of messes to look forward to, but with Will's attitude of love in mind, they should be a lot easier to face. Great story Anita. :)
This is excellent. Such a wonderful read. The message was dead on and the narrator was such a wonderful break from the usual. I really enjoyed this and expect to see it do extremely well in the challenge.
You are an artist extraordinaire, Anita! What a wonderful portrait you've created with this beautiful narrative! Will is a character we will not soon forget!
I absolutely loved your story about Will. You so showed the true heart Will had in serving those that are sometimes hard to serve. You also illustrated a tool he used to remember why he was doing it. I enjoyed seeingWill's heart.I am in a service industry and get weary in well-doing...only I can't whistle, but I sure can sing! Thanks, Celeste