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Cute story. I enjoyed your sense of humor. Real characters that are easy to relate to. I was smiling throughout your story but had a good laugh at the end. Great job!
Wonderful depiction! Love the humor!
Ha ha! This could be my marriage!! I loved the part about the two guys with him on the true to life. Great piece..really connected with me.
Great thought dialogue!

ďAh, gotcha.Ē I totally didnít get it.
I was pretty sure I had gotten the worst deal of all.

caught this one:
I could ____ gotten in a long nap!

Fun story. Be careful: I think the phrase "purpose driven" has been copyrighted. ; -)
This was fun, entertaining writing! Enjoyed. :)
Too funny!!!!!!!

You've got inside the mind of the woman very well!
This is truly masterful--I was certain that it was written by a man, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was you! I loved, loved, loved everything about this--the voice, the humor, even the sexiness. Loved the cameo appearances of the two guys in the store. Very, very funny.
This is classic Lynda... I had it picked out as yours. You have a unique wit. Your dialogue moved the piece ... as usual. I think there was an adverb or two I personally would have yanked but that's a minor thing. Great entry, as usual.
Too cute. My husband has worn these shoes many times in so many ways. I am going to go hug and thank him rght now. Chuckle:)
Hehe, cute story!
Cute story ... great sense of humor
Loved it. You nailed everyone with this one. I loved the end. Great job.
Classic. I'm sure nearly every boyfriend and husband can relate to this piece!
Wonderful! How fun! I did find this sentance to be missing a word. "Saturday mornings are for relaxation and thatís exactly what I doing" other than that, it was fabulous. I loved the ending. Great work.
It made me laugh. Well done.
Lynda, I can totally understand why you have been a winner numerous times with your writing. "A Purpose Driven wife" is a winner in my book. I so enjoyed the way you wove the story around and back to the beginning.
Well, I haven't been over to read stories in a while, so I pulled up my favorite authors' list. As always, I love your work, Lynda. You had me belly laughing out loud on this piece. Great job, sister. I love ya.