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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Well I'd say you've done it again...great poem.
Wonderful! Love every verse!
As Trina and Rita have expressed, wonderful poem! I can guess who might have written this. Purpose displayed in every stanza!

You probably already saw the typo in the last stanza, but that doesn't distract too much from the images you already painted. Loved the way you brought us from the seemingly 'big' things God created for purpose to the here-and-now purpose for our existence. Beautiful!
It may be last minute but it is certainly first place in my book. Loved it
Simple and elegant, every rhyme falling effortlessly into place. Another gorgeous poem by a true master of the form.
Just as the lyrics and the music convey the same image within a song so does the message and rhythm of this piece. The flow and the message were superb. Excellent as always.
Excellent... like a Psalm... the heavens declare the glory of God... and so should we, in all we do and say.
Perfection! You hit the "purposefulness" nail on the head!
I can only imagine what you would have done with two hours to work on it. Brilliant. Breath taking. I loved it.
Beautiful images - well done!
Even in your last minute submissions you end up placing. You have incredible talent. Great work and congrats! (from your fellow canadian)
Congratulations, Anita! Well-deserved. I'm sorely tempted to put music to this. Beautiful, tightly crafted, flowing from His heart. Your existence here surely does bring Him glory! I've gone and done it! Contgrats!!

I can't wait to try and figure out this weeks challenge.

Even though this took you very little time to write, you were able to tune in to something that we can all identify with - the beauty of earth - so to then be able to make that flow into this piece was very well done.
Very nice images. Great way to illustrate the topic.
So uplifting, Anita!

Congratulations on a well-deserved win!