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What a fabulous entry. I loved the formatting and flow of it. I also loved the way each character spoke. I laughed out loud when Joy couldn't stop smiling. Perfect. Oh, and the part about sandpaper being used as a scrubber is just plain genious. I did find that the opening sentence seemed to be run on. Or maybe you were going for the world's longest complex-compound phrase?!LOL. But that was it. (I hope you heard my kidding tone come out in my "phrase" comment!) Anyway, great work.
I love this - so creative, humorous, and telling. Great job.
Oh, very clever! I loved this! The distinct personalities given to the different "characters" were priceless.

I wonder if you went on just a few sentences too many?

When I read clever stories like this, I always think, "I wish I could come up with these things." Loved it.

A very creative, talented devotional to 'show' and not 'tell'- and so applicable without being preachy!

A greatstart to my day! ;)
Your personifications of the different emotions were really clever. Well done. I wonder about my mind now......!
Excellent. I loved the creative way you gave these emotions personalities. Great job.
Very clever. A vivid portrayal of the struggle that goes on in our minds... AND the Resource we have to help us. I enjoyed it very much.
Very creative and very well written. I like the way you characterized the different emotions.
Wonderful dramatic interplay! An outstanding creative illustration of "taking every thought captive." Personally, I felt no hindrance at all from run-on sentences; they seemed to accurately reflect the hurried, run-off-at-the-mouth panic that one would expect of demons who are unfortunate enough to be up against the indwelling Wind of God! (And anyway, my own mind has runaway syndrome, so I felt right at home!) This is a treasure.
Well done with this one - you got into almost every mother's mind and also showed what goes on in the spiritual realm. I hate how we seem to welcome the two sides to co-exist, when there is really only room for one if we want peace.