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This was extremely well written. I loved the genre. So differnet from the usual. Very captivating. I honestly adored how you wrote this one. You really painted with your words. Wonderful job.
This was AMAZING !!!! I was glued to it from beginning to end.
Wow - loved the personifications you used - the lightening's hot fingers, for example. Brilliant writing.
Wow - spooky - you brought us right in there - brilliant writing!!!! The way the peace reigned at the end even though the environment around hadn't changed was beautiful.
Wow! I'm exhausted! Fascinating writing! I wish it was part of a book because I would love to read it!

Great work with too many favorite parts! Loved this read!
I loved it. And I loved that it only took one word, Jesus, to calm the storm for her.
You painted a masterpiece with your well chosen words. Thanks.
Peace, it's all in His name. Master writing at its best. Strong message!
Bravo, bravo.. well done.. Christian Ghost story indeed.. ::claps enthusiastically:: A mystery to start, spooky throughout with the hint of a ghost worked in, and a hint of peace at the end.. but did she live... or go on to be with the one who saved her... Great job. I WANT THE FULL VERSION.!.!.!
You sure got my heart pounding! This is simply top-notch Gothic drama, and you pulled it off with flying colors.

I value this piece's great potential to address the secret fears of many. (In my neck of the woods, we have many Native American folks who are enslaved by fear of ancestors' ghosts.)

Now for my dumb question: In the 13th paragraph, I'm wondering, who is Lucille? did you mean Michelle? Or did I miss something...

Anyway, I agree with Pup. Let's have the whole story!
It's good, it's good. :-)
You're lucky I'm reading this now, after I've had a taste of Christian thrillers - I loved it. Though the last two lines needed something... more, I felt. Everything else was GREAT!
Amy, this was written before I found FW, but my goodness, you are good and the atmosphere you crafted with your words is as tangible now as it ws some 2 years past. Loren
Oooh, SPOOKY!!! This definitely gave me goosebumps, sooo very fun! I loved the way you just wrote this perfectly eerie atmosphere into a setting where the MC was someone I really, really wanted to root for! Awesome writing! ^_^