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Fabulous! This is terrific. Perfect. A winner. this who I think it is?
Perfect! Let me think a moment...there could only be one author who could write a poem like this. Hope your piece places...again! lol

Blessings as always!
Very creative way to show the gradual drowning out of God's voice. Well done!
This is excellent! I can totally identify with the household chaos of the first couple of stanzas. Hope this does well!
Hehehe, totally on target, and you found me: a hottie- in- hiding!!
I think I know too! Waaaay too close for comfort! Zowie!
As everyone else has said, this is awesome. So funny, but really gets to the heart of the matter at the same time. Excellent writing!
Oh my goodness! This is so good and so true and funny too. You captured so much in so few words. Your style is great here. I agree wholeheartedly with Amy's comment. Plus you used one of my most favorite Bible verses. I am truly amazed. A definite favorite of mine.
Oh dear. Far too close to home for comfort. Brilliant.
Wow! This writer must have a hidden camera in my home. Yikes! So true to life and well-written! There, that's enough exclamation points. I think I'm done.
Ok, are you in my kitchen this morning? I thought I hid it so well. Wonderful! A bright spot this morning and well done.
The final verse really caught my attention. Well written poem with a good rhythm and rhyme scheme.
I love the way that the verse gradually disappears...what a creative way of driving your point home! Another poetic masterpiece!
A very enjoyable read...
If this were shorter and had a chorus I would say it was a song. An enjoyable read.
The voices in your head have been visiting my home! Creative and brilliant!
I loved everything about this one. Great poem, great message, and great point made about tuning God out.
Loved, loved, loved the style of this piece. Loved the words too - althouh they were a bit too convicting LOL. The massage line is the only one I can remember that didn't flow as well but that totally did not detract from the poem itself. Excellent writing. A definite contender!
Fabulous zinger of an entry! It flows, it sparkles, it crackles, it tickles, it entertains ("Youíre a hottie-in-hiding Ė itís time to break free!" Wahoo!). It...convicts. I vote this gets published!

Congratulations, Anita! I got my wish.
Well I was wrong guessing who might have penned this BUT it is the winner! Congrats!

Well done, Anita. Congratulations on your win. I love the title and your creative weaving in of how God often gets pushed to the back of our daily lives. A great message and so fun to read - even though it reminded me of a dozen things I have to do ...
Congratulations, Anita. I'm really glad this won - it deserved to.
Awesome! Congrats Anita, what a wonderful piece of work.

We must be channeling each other's voices. I know some of those are mine!

Great title, message, fun story, good flow...standing ovation!
Anita--great poem! Great message! I agree with Amy--nice how you illustrated how we can drown out God's voice with out business (B.U.S.Y. = Being Under Satan's Yoke) Congratulations on your win. Good stuff here!
"OUR business"--I seriously can't type!
A well deserved win! I must ask, however, that the next time you peek into my house or my head you give me some warning! Thank you for making me smile and making me think.
Wow! This is really, really good! I like how the words were disappearing until you reached the end, where, really, there was no advice left. Really awesome writing! ^_^