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One of the most powerful deathbed scenes I've read! Your love for the Oriental people is clear...I grabbed onto the precious hint of a pre-death revelation as the answer to her prayers. Yet still there's so much she has lost...magnificent ending. This piece will surely stir our hearts to prayer and missions!
Tragic, evocative, insight into a pagan culture. Covered a lot of ground! Those last lines pack a punch and really tied it together.
Oh wow! This brought me to tears as though I was a part of this women's desparate plea.

Powerful and so sad. A wake up to the truth of how others can be so devotely, eternally wrong. Chilling. VERY well written.
This was beautifully written, and in reading it, I learned much about Tibetan culture, without ever feeling as though I were being "taught." Masterful!
smooth as always. Excellent look from a different culture. You brought it all out so well. Good emotion. Well done! :-)
Beautiful glance into a world we rarely see. Loved it.
Well written... so much so that I felt like I was in the room with Senlin and Lillian... intruding. Powerful... I was expecting the 'happy ending' in one way or another, but real life isn't so predictable.

This story speaks straight to my heart. We've so much to do in so little time. The need is great. God help us.
Your story reveals a heart hurting for the lost. May we all take this message and run with it.
Well written, good emotion. I appreciate the peek into another culture. Great job.
This death bed encounter has touched the deepest part of my soul. I've a dear friend whose beliefs are the same. I pray in her last hours it will not end this same way.

Bless you for bring up this topic. May our Heavenly Father continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!

Very touching deathbed scene. I too thought of a happy ending, but life is not always about happy endings. We have to continue to trust in the Lord always. Very powerfully written.
So true, so true. There are many who still live in ignorance of God's great love for them. It breaks His heart every time one slips away without coming to the realization of who He really is. Great story.
A good look into another culture (as usual) good ending, leaving us wondering if he really understood at the end or not.
Hey Suz, great work! This did very well with me. I didn't know it was yours either. A great story, very well told.