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Wow, what an awesome poem! I thought of this idea myself and I'm glad I didn't go with it - it would have never measured up to this.
What I love about your poetry is your willingness to play with near-rhymes in the dedication to find just the perfect word, as opposed to the word that perfectly rhymes. Did that make sense? And your boldness to set a rhythm, and break it. Only a true master of the form can get away with that. And the message? Wowsers.
Wow! So awesome! The language and rhythm of this is so beautiful and engaging. Tremendous message as well. Loved it!!
Written with the touch of the Masters hand. You touched my heart with the majesty of your words.
Beautiful expression of God's intervention and power.
This so blessed me.
Wow - brilliant - well done!!!!!
Very well done. Great job.
This is obviously not a rhythmic poem; and it's not exactly free verse either...or is it? It comes from Masters, but is NOT from the great rhyme-master himself; or it would flow neatly and perfectly in perfect harmony, or would it? I shall wait and see on Thursday who has written this nice little essay about "This Soul is Mine".
Awesome job!