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A humbling call for all of God's children to answer. How can we allow ourselves to be the blame for yet another's eternal suffering?

Thank you for sharing, and God bless,

Wow, this is so powerful! It gives me goose bumps. Definitely a wake up call to Christians and non-Christians alike. Very well written, great imagery, just awesome!
Oh wow! I'm speechless. What a powerful conviction accompanies this piece. I hope this finds its way beyond this challenge -- it stirs the complacent soul. Awesome!
Ooooh ... wow ... very impressive!

The images are burned into my mind - very powerful.
Your final two lines are shattering. Awesome.
Well done. This is haunting and makes a strong point.
OK,Kenn. Time to give the rest of us a chance, here. LOL You've done it again - another brilliant entry. This one was chilling, powerful, and very real. Should make everyone stop and think about those around us who slip into that fire every day. We've got a job to do! Wonderful piece. (Big surprise. :-))
Haunting and wonderful - I don't think I will EVER forget your final couplet. Wow.
Powerful, like others have said, the last two couplets were the perfect ending to masterful piece.
Wow. This is great Kenn. Awesome as usual!
Wonderful, Kenn!! There's a distinct flavor of Dickens in this eerily gripping poem. Your skillfully chosen words have brought this dark scene to life right before our eyes. You have the marvelous ability to keep your reader in the palm of your, hand! LOL! Another home run for sure!
Such incredible atmosphere. I'll be reading all your other poetry - I have much to learn!
perfection as always!
wonderful! congrats:)
Powerful and brutally honest.
Congratulations on the win!
This is a very touching poem. It has always amazed me when I read great poetry, as I've never been a big fan. Yet, this piece, reminds me so much of King David's very much filled with passion and feeling. You have a special that I am almost sure you have in common with that man that God noted as one after His own heart.

-Andrea Cooper
Congrats Kenn!
Oh to write poetry like this! You truly are a wordsmith with brilliant talent. Keep writing for God's glory and congratulations on this win - it is well deserved.
Very powerful. It pierced my heart.